Black Media?

Life at Siyah Medya starts with coffee, continues with conversation and ends with good works. Here we change what we need to change and throw the stereotypes into the trash.

Since it is formed by the combination of different characters, there is a different sound from each wire, there is a riot of ideas.

In short, Black Media is a professional media institution where we share our laughter with our ideas.

Advertising, promotional film, clip does not matter for him. He understands the most appropriate and the most energetic person at a glance and makes him the star of the project. It should not be forgotten that when it comes to the set, it radiates color and energy everywhere.
Yigit Ozkan
Cast director
Osman Özcan
We are also confused as to how he accomplishes this job with his invisible personality. However, the light of photographs, commercials and video footage, camera use is asked from him. Bringing a completely different still by bringing together the ordinary things with art by making the professionalism talk without sacrificing technical knowledge.
Koray Salginer
Director of photography
Dove Zeynallı
It takes creativity to a different and fun point with the advertisement texts that shake the digital media with its pen. We do not know what the source of inspiration is, but we both agree that he owes his ideas to the vastness of his imagination. In short, it offers different points of view for all the projects you want, and makes your pen talk.
Demet Acar
Emre Aydin
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